Concept to Screen immerses itself in your world, comes up with creative concepts and develops them into targeted corporate communication – B2B & B2C.

Concept to Screen

bullet Corporate Films

DSC_7947Corporate image film:
comprehensive film about your company. Who are you, what do you do, and above all, how do you do it? A film that strengthens your company´s impact. A film that impresses your customers and that you can be proud of.

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-15 om 16.48.54Shorty:
Fast, brief communication via social media, YouTube, mailing, intranet, etc. Films of max. 2 minutes. Inventive, surprising or playful. E.g. a newsflash (digital newsletter), a message/testimonial from your CEO, the launch of a new product, etc.)

DSC_0190Motivation film:
Internal or external communication about your own company culture. Communication of e.g. a new philosophy within the company. The more attractive the message, the better it’s received…

DSC_8017 HoofdfotoProduction or Productfilm:
We do everything we can to visually present your production processes/your product as clearly as possible for existing and future customers. Top-quality processes/products in a top-quality film is the credo.

Minigran_Render_03_v003 kopie 2Animated film:
Your message might just be perfect for a purely graphic animation or a combination of image and animation. We bring an idea to life by means of simple line animations or extensive 3D animation of figures and mascots.

DSC_0311Training/instruction/safety film:
A training, instruction or safety film doesn´t have to be one long boring explanation. You can describe the work methods in detail to customers or new employees or teach the safety procedures to on-site visitors by means of an understandable and fascinating training film that wakes viewers up instead of putting them to sleep.

A commercial on national or regional television. We help you stand out from the crowd by packaging the message in effective communication: humorous, aesthetic, intelligent,… Striking!

DSC_9187Recruiting film:
A film to be used in the recruitment of new employees. In just a few minutes they’ll get a good picture of what your company stands for and what kind of profiles work there. Introduces potential candidates to the values and mission of your company.

DSC_0124Event film:
Your event opens with a positive message, creatively and dynamically depicted. Even before you´ve started, the viewers are hanging on your every word.

DSC_0128Audiovisual business communication:
Energise an annual meeting, background pictures that clarify your speech, create a playful film by and for your employees, etc.

Concept to Screen

bullet And everything in between

DSC_1816Communication campaign:
Concept to Screen helps shape your campaign. By means of creative brainstorming and consulting, we help you define the most appropriate audiovisual form for the respective medium.

DSC_9638Event direction:
We direct your event so that it becomes a single fluid whole that captures everyone’s attention from beginning to end. We select the right hosts, do the copywriting and write scenarios that keep your event moving along smoothly.

Reports, aerial photography, product photography, … In combination with our film crew, or as a purely photographic assignment.

Schermafbeelding 2015-01-15 om 17.19.27Print/photo campaign:
A print campaign or poster campaign? Our graphic artists produce creative and stylish designs in the house style of your company or your own unique campaign. Our house printer guarantees top quality.

McCainBGDG3Logo design/Branding:
We create or re-think your logo. A good understanding of your company’s mission is our starting point. “Form and content in harmony” is our credo.

Everything starts with the content. A strong story and crisp, scintillating texts constitute the basis of good corporate communication.

We help with the proper definition of your message. Which medium is best suited for your message? Via which channels can you best disseminate this message? The right strategy is the key to successful communication.