Each film or project calls for its own specific approach, and so we insist on working with the right person in the right position. What connects them is their passion for the image, for audiovisual communication.

The collaboration with these professionals helped ensure that Concept to Screen has become a quality label.

The right resources:

Transforming a concept and then a scenario into effective visual language requires the correct and most efficient deployment of the audiovisual resources and the right crew. We bring all of our skill and know-how to bear in making your film a true film.

National and international:

Concept to Screen is active both nationally and internationally. Our crews have extensive experience with filming abroad (France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Italy, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Japan, etc.).

Our projects can be adapted into any language. Voice-overs are done by voice professionals, native speakers. Translation and subtitling are also done in-house.